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Act of 29 January 2004 - Public Procurement Law (Journal of Laws of 2015, item 2164)


Information on Polish public procurement system

Current public procurement system of Poland is based on the Act of Public Procurement Law (PPL) adopted on 29th January 2004, with further amendments. English translation of the Act is available at https://www.uzp.gov.pl/en. Polish central government body competent for matters concerning public contracts is the President of the Public Procurement Office, which is assisted in his work by the Public Procurement Office (http://www.uzp.gov.pl, English version at: https://www.uzp.gov.pl/en). Entities obliged to follow PPL are different types of the public finance sector units. Such awarding entities are obliged to award contracts according to the rules of fair competition and equal treatment of economic operators, impartiality and objectivity of persons preparing and conduction procedures specified in the act of the Public Procurement Law.

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