The Polish Public Procurement Office (PPO) was established on 1 January 1995, following the adoption of the Act on Public Procurement on 10 June 1994.

Currently the Office employs app. 130 people working in 7 different units:

  • Legal Department
  • Public Procurement Control Department
  • European Union and International Cooperation Department
  • Information, Education and System Analyses Department
  • Appeals Bureau
  • Organisational and Financial Bureau
  • Independent Position for Internal Audit


The Legal Department provides both internal and external legal services for the Public Procurement Office. The department is responsible in particular for preparation of draft legal acts in the field of public procurement as well as interpretation of provisions provided by the Public Procurement Law. It also analyses the rulings of the National Appeals Chamber, district courts, the Supreme Court, administrative courts, Supreme Administrative Court and the Constitutional Tribunal in order to ensure uniform application of public procurement rules as regards the preparation of legal opinions, taking legal steps in the proceedings by the PPO President and sanctioning the violations of public procurement rules.


The Department carries out tasks related to control powers of the PPO President as regards the public contracts co-financed from EU funds, prepares control records and information on results of control proceedings. The control powers are exerted on the basis of information and documents obtained from contracting authorities in question as well as other sources. The department also examines the requests for control of public contracts with no EU funding.


The activities of the Department of European Union and International Cooperation consist of inter alia: monitoring the compliance of the Polish public procurement law with the requirements of the EU directives, preparation of Poland’s stand with regard to ECJ cases concerning public procurement, analyses of changes and developments in international law and agreements in the field of public procurement. The department’s activities include also: organization of international contacts of the PPO and cooperation with relevant foreign authorities and international organizations i.e. OECD, United Nations and Council of Europe, not to mention the Community Initiative- Public Procurement Network.


The Information, Education and System Analyses Department coordinates activities related to the preparation and dissemination of training programmes, organizes and inspires educational projects, gathers and edits various information to be placed at the website of the Public Information Bulletin. Department also monitors the functioning of the public procurement system as well as draws up and gathers the analytical materials on the national and Common public procurement market. The department consists of 2 units: Information and Education Unit as well as Analyses Unit.


The Appeals Bureau exerts the competence of the PPO President related to ensuring the functioning of legal protection measures system, including the provision of technical and organizational support for  the National Appeals Chamber, preparation of minutes from proceedings, dissemination of rulings public procurement at the PPO website.


The Organizational and Financial Bureau provides services with regard to accounting, administrative and organizational aspects of activities carried out by the PPO. The tasks of this department include in particular: elaboration of draft budgets of the PPO, investment plans and schedules of expenses, preparation of reports and information on the budget execution. The Organizational and Financial Bureau receives and dispatches external correspondence, gathers and stores official documents and manages the archives of the PPO. This unit administers also the internal computer network as well as the publicly available website of the PPO.

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