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Sustainable public procurement
Each year the equivalent of 17 % of the EU GDP is spend by the European public authorities to purchase goods, services and works. Therefore public procurement can influence the structure of  production and consumption. The Public Procurement Office perceives this potential and supports inclusion of environmental aspects (green public procurement - GPP) and social aspects (socially responsible public procurement – SRPP) into tendering procedures.  All the activities in this respect will be conducted within newly developed National Action Plan on sustainable public procurement 2010-2012.

Green public procurement
The main focus of GPP is to consider environmental aspects during contract award procedures and to seek for solutions, which limit the negative impact of products and services on the environment. In 2006, the Public Procurement Office developed a strategic plan document - National Action Plan on GPP, which explicitly focused on promotion of green public procurement in Poland. The NAP was adopted by the European Committee of Council of Ministers on 30th of January 2007.

Until the end of 2009, a number of activities were conducted within the NAP including inter alia: development and issue of the Guide on GPP, translation of the GPP Training Toolkit, translation into Polish of good practices taken from the study “Costs and Benefits of Green Public Procurement in Europe” delivered by Öko-Institut and ICLEI, organization of national conferences and training events, development of a GPP link on the official website of the PPO. The PPO was supported by Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Infrastructure, Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute, Polish National Energy Conservation Energy and Polish Centre for Testing and Attestation.

Socially responsible public procurement
SRPP refers to a wide spectrum of social considerations, which may be integrated into public procurement, such as combating all forms of discrimination and social exclusion, improvement working conditions etc. Socially responsible public procurement may be an important tool both for the advancement of sustainable development and for the achievement of EU (and Member States) social objectives.

Binding provisions on public procurement offer various possibilities for taking into account social considerations. However, the manner of inclusion of such aspects will depend on the type of public contract. In case of contract award procedure for works or services it may result in determination of requirements concerning conditions of contract performance whereas in contracts for supplies it may lead to purchase of goods satisfying specific needs of particular groups e.g. disadvantaged, excluded or disabled people.

National Action Plan on sustainable public procurement 2010-2012 should contribute to popularization and support of wider social, economic and environmental objectives assuring  long-term benefits and setting example of proper public expenditure.

The NAP was adopted by the Council of Ministers on the 14th of June 2010.

National Action Plan - English Version



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